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The Manchild

He’s my husband. He’s a four-year old trapped in a man’s body. This is the part where I should write “he’s the love of my life and the best husband and father ever” (true) but I’m just going to tell you that he’s freakin’ awesome in every way. And he dances like a reject. Steer clear :-)

Love Is…

by Angie on February 14, 2012

How My Husband Does the Dishes

by Angie on November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Manchild

by Angie on March 18, 2011

20 Things to Love

by Angie on February 15, 2011


by Angie on February 14, 2011

Dreams Become Reality

by Angie on February 7, 2011

He’s a Good’n

by Angie on November 9, 2010