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Life Hacks for Mediocre Moms #6) Get Up Early

by Angie on October 7, 2013

early to bed early to rise

Early to bed, early to rise. Makes a man healthy and wealthy and wise?

I should try that.

Instead I tend to operate on a “Late to bed, early to rise. Makes a lady cranky and worn out and prone to illness,”

Could somebody make that rhyme for me? I’ll pay you in hugs.


We aren’t talking about going to bed early today. Just about rising early. About rising in the “dark early” hours.

Remember when I hammered out my most important roles, goals, and dreams last week? Then divided those larger roles into tasks and hammered them into my schedule? Several important realizations came to me during that exercise. One of them was the absolute necessity of rising early to accomplish a few things.

If I don’t get up early, then my day begins in an annoyed rush. The to-do items that bring me the most balance, peace, and clarity are forgotten and pushed aside.

What are those MIT? Most important tasks?

1) Exercise
2) Scripture/Prayer Time
3) Shower/Dress/Make-up Time

If I can muster enough self-discipline and commitment to do those 3 things FIRST in my day, then I have the energy, focus, and state of mind to greet the kids with the right speed and attitude (be a blessing to them and start their days right too) and then move forward with important tasks as soon as they head out the door school.

If I sleep in, then I’m stressed from the first “get up!! time for school! time to learn and get some knowledge!” (which i quote from Finding Nemo in my most annoying voice every morning). Once they are off to school, I often spend the next couple hours just trying to see straight, get in a workout, find a way out of my jammies, and decide what day it is.

So I guess I need to be a morning person. I sorta think you should be one too. That is- if you want to be a tad bit better than mediocre.


Being up and moving before the sun rises makes a huge difference in my days/weeks/life in general. It makes me feel like a Sunrise Warrior. A SUNRISE WARRIOR!?

Can somebody make up a rhyme about being a Sunrise Warrior for me? Perhaps a song or a rap?

I’ll pay you in hugs and weird faces in the dark early hours.


P.S. Grandma invited me to join her for early morning water aerobics this morning. There is a first time for everything. (Remember my advice to “Do Different?” I’m taking it!)  The (old-ish?) ladies there were amazing! They were so cheerful and energetic. The workout was actually quite a challenge for me and I left worn out and impressed by that group of women who already have excellence figured out. It happens at zero dark thirty.

life hacks for mediocre moms 100

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Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG October 7, 2013 at 3:28 pm

I was up at 6 am this morning – got quite a bit accomplished by 9:30 and then had a nap until 11am – damn sinus headache took me out…so much for that – as for the exercising…didn’t do what I should have this morning…so can’t seem to get into that groove!!
Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG recently posted..Fall Decorating – outdoor edition…My Profile


Heidi October 8, 2013 at 1:21 pm

“Stay up too late and get moving by 5,
Makes a girl cranky and red in the eyes!”

How’s that? Man, I get up early and STILL manage to get nothing done! You are rockin!
Heidi recently posted..The BeeMy Profile


Gina October 8, 2013 at 5:00 pm

I know getting up early is the key to success. Its too bad the key is hidden deeply under my very comfy pillows and blankie… :)

Also, I can’t seem to sneak out of bed early without waking up the very-demanding 3 year old drill sergeant that I live with. Man, is he bossy right out of the gate!
Gina recently posted..Week #2 The Pros Step inMy Profile


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