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Life Hacks for Mediocre Moms: #4) Read Something Weird

by Angie on October 4, 2013

Can we step back from the on-slaught of Life Hacks for a minute? Because I need to tell you about my favorite magazine. Don’t worry, it’s related to our 31 Days Theme.

It’s not a design mag, wood-working mag, family mag, celebrity mag, or fitness mag.

(Does it sound cool when I say, “mag” instead of “magazine”? It saves me 5 letters of typing and I feel fashionable when I do that. Life Hack #3.5 = Use Slang)

outside magazine cover

Introducing: Outside Magazine, with which I have no affiliation and no relationship. Except that I subscribe to it. And read it. Every single month, from cover to cover. Do you want to know how many magazines we subscribe to currently? Just one: Outside Magazine.

Do you see me as an outdoorsey person? As an adventurist? A little crunchy granola, back-packing, braid-wearing climbing girl who wears real shoes most of the time?


Me neither. But I love that magazine! It’s the photography, the writing, the in-depth stories that take me all over the world, the complete lack of inappropriate/risque advertising, and the way it takes me out of suburbia.

And guess what their October 2013 issue is? THE SPECIAL LIFE-HACKING ISSUE.

outside magazine special life hacking issue

The heavens have aligned and the editors of Outside Mag and I are on the same wave-length. Call Mount Everest and tell it I’m on my way.

Suddenly we have another Life Hack for us Mediocre Moms: Read Something Unexpected.

Read something weirdly good. Read something your dad would read. Read something your brother would read. Assuming you have a cool brother who reads. Read something a raving liberal/backward conservative would read. Ride a bus, watch the people on the bus. Spy what they are reading. Then read it. Go to the library, ask the librarian what’s good. I don’t know. Just kidding. Don’t do that. If you go to the library, you’ll want to check out a book, and then the librarian will inform you that you owe them $39 in late fees from last summer. That ends awkwardly. (I know!) Stick to magazines.

Maybe just stick to Outside magazine. And start with this month’s issue: The Special Life-Hacking Issue. But since you probably don’t have the mag in front of you (yet), I’ll get you started by showing you my very favorite passages/quotes from this issue. Maybe even some of the photography. I’m in a sharing mood.

Please note: I am a stay at home mom of 4 who sometimes goes on family hikes with her family. I like to run. But sometimes I don’t run for a few months and then I get lumpy and guilt myself into running again. I backpacked into the Wind River mountains with my family when I was 11. About an hour into the hike, I got whiny/hungry and my mom told me that around the next bend there would be a little snack stand with food. I believed her. (We’ve had trust issues since then.) That’s the extent my my Outside-ing. I thought you should know that before we moved on.

Look at this:

outside magazine strategies for living bravely

This issue is stuffed full of “127 strategies for living bravely.”

That would be a GREAT topic for a 31 Days theme! It’s probably been done 127 times already. So you wouldn’t even have to be brave to blog about that.

But doesn’t it feel good to tell yourself that: LIVE BRAVELY. (“Hey, Angie, live bravely today.”

It’s special.

I just made a decision. I’ve shown you the cover– now I will show you the “parting shot”, which is a feature on the back page of every issue. Usually it is an amazing (AMAZING!) photo taken by a daring photographer. This issue? It’s a compilation of Jack Handey advice.*) If you see the cover, and see the last page, will that make you want to read what’s in between? I decide yes.

(Actually, I was going to show you more, but somebody is blaring dance tunes at 7:00 am in the house I am staying at here in Utah, so I have to go break. it. down. No more blogging. ‘Til tomorrow.)

jack handy


Jack Handey says, “Set goals for your friends and relatives to achieve. Check up on them to make sure they are meeting their goals.” See? Good advice.

That makes two things you need to do today in order to hack your Mediocre Mom Life:

1. Read Something Weird

2. Set goals for your friends and occasionally call to follow up. You can start with me.

*When I was in junior high, my BFF Leslie would pick me up for school every single day. I would climb in her car and she would hand me the tear-off page from her parent’s 365 Days of Jack Handey Quotes calendar. We would laugh super hard. I know that’s not funny to you right now, since you aren’t me and you aren’t 13 years old. But the fact that Outside Magazine ended their issue with quotes from Jack Handey just completes my life.

Life Complete.

No more hacks needed.

Until tomorrow.

life hacks for mediocre moms 300


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rebecca @ older and wisor October 4, 2013 at 4:13 pm

Does reading this post count as my weird for the day?

Can I just say – I’m loving your series! I’m the worst worst WORST planner/time manager because in my head things only take 10 minutes. And I am a teensy bit prone to distraction, like leaving this here comment when I’m *supposed* to be making a shopping list and planning dinner. My husband is a true type 4 (do you do Carol Tuttle’s stuff?), and my lack of planning drives him INsane. I just remind him that I can’t be fabulous at EVERYTHING…it just wouldn’t be fair now, would it? Great sex or great scheduling – he’s just gonna have to choose. Let’s just remember that it wasn’t my scheduling abilities that lured him in when we were dating anyway…
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