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Life Hacks for Mediocre Moms #12
Drop of a Hat

by Angie on October 17, 2013

Thanks so much for your comments on yesterday’s post about the great homeschool debate. I feel like many decent, well-adjusted, fully functional members of society (whom I like and even admire) are joining the homeschool movement! Without warning me first. It’s so freaking annoying! ;-) They challenge my world view!

See Roo. And Ashley.

Whether to consider homeschooling as a real option for our family is an on-going discussion. We stayed up late last night coaching the kids through some of the reasons why they want to be pulled out of school. We found that most of the reasons were social ones and so…

The Manchild gave the kids permission to punch certain kids in the face if a situation warrants it.

I told them, “Nope.”

He said, “Well, maybe!”

I pushed him out of the room (literally) and said something powerfully inspiring. It probably went something like this:

“You need to only do two things: Radiate Confidence and be a Champion of the Weak! Everything else will fall into place if you can do those two things.”

At that point, The Manchild re-entered the room and said, “Yeah! CHAMPION OF THE WEAK!” AND SHOVED HIS FIST INTO THE AIR!!!”

We had a moment together.

This morning I took a lucky kid on a mini-shopping spree. That fell under the “radiate confidence” category.

A couple of hours ago, The Manchild got home from work and asked expectantly, “Did you get to punch anybody in the face today?”

“No, but I yelled at a kid and told him to knock it off!”


We haven’t decided what to do about the non-social problems at school. Issues like, being bored out of their minds for 7 hours straight. I do feel bad about that.

My beloved college roomie posted on Facebook today:

lauren fb

Lorna May, you preach the truth.

Anywho– said late-night family pow-wow + all day shopping spree today during the hours I have normally reserved for blogging means I actually don’t have a new Life Hack for you guys today.

Wait, yes I do.

When your family needs you (and that’s WHEN, not IF) drop everything and take care of business. Family first. Spouse and kids before EVERYTHING ELSE.

No matter what your schedule is supposed to look like or what plans you thought you had under control, when STICKY LIFE hits, be prepared (and mentally  flexible enough) to change plans at the drop of a hat.


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Lauren October 17, 2013 at 11:59 pm

Virtual fist bump.

My third grader just spent the last hour watching a PBS special on non-Newtonian fluids and the last book he read was Ender’s Game (in less than a day).

Will public school be able to give him what he needs? And we (you and I) live in relatively affluent, educated areas. What’s going on?


KIRBY October 18, 2013 at 12:44 pm

Man Child ROCKS. Seriously, I’m so tired of hearing these kids getting picked on and b/c you need to be the “bigger” person you don’t defend yourself. Really come on, sure it’s not okay to hit but a kid can only take so much! When I was a kid I stood up for myself, if it meant punching someone in the face I did, you can bet they never messed with me again. Yes, violence isn’t the answer but after asking someone to back off repeatedly and they still don’t and the school can only do so much (it’s been reportedly and it’s still happenin) you gave the person fair warning and it’s still happening? KNUCKLE SANDWICH is the answer!


Kathyn October 19, 2013 at 10:32 am

I’m a teacher and I can totally see pulling out a gifted child to homeschool because they are bored off their tree. So much of my day is spent trying to get the lower level achiever just to do the basic work required of them while trying to keep the gifted students (who’ve been done the same assignment 30 minutes ago) engaged and not bothering those who are still working. It’s a very hard balancing act.
One of the main reasons we’re not homeschooling is because I want my kids to play school sports, be around kids all day and be a part of a good music program.
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