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Life Hack for Mediocre Moms #10) Cut Some Slack

by Angie on October 15, 2013

Hi. Today’s Life Hack is to “Cut Yourself Some Slack.”

As in: If you get completely overwhelmed with busy life and fun things and lots of people asking you questions all the time (hello, Essential Oils) and are still wholly committed to your 31 Days Blogging Challenge… BUT THEN YOU RUN OUT OF DAYTIME HOURS (what happened to that schedule I made??) and miss a day of blogging…

Then cut yourself some slack.

To be rigorously scheduled and self-disciplined is against my nature. Discipline and schedules are super helpful and really do train us wild, fun-loving types reign in our potential– but sometimes we just need to roll with what’s dropped in our laps and…


It would also be nice if those around us could cut us some slack too, yeah?

I thank you guys for humoring me in this blogging challenge and not firing me for missing a day. Or two. Please don’t tell The Nester (the challenge hostess). Shhhh….

Here’s a trick I employ when I fall short of my own, high expectations:

I start a mental list of things I’m super awesome at.

Por Ejemplo:

1. I am good at inserting spanish phrases into my writing without warning
2. I am good at being nice to people.
3. I am good at wearing big earrings.
4. I am good at using a laptop, an ipad, an iphone, a camera, and a PS3 simultaneously.
5. I am good at making chicken noodle soup.
6. I am good at gaining weight.
7. I am good at eating cookies.
8. I am good at talking to strangers. Don’t tell my parents.
9. I am good at wood working and making sawdust.
10. I am good at cleaning under my range less than once a year.

I mean, look at that list! Impressive!

So if I’m not very good at focusing on blogging 31 days in a row (look! something shiny!), then everything is still going to be ok. See point #7 above.

If you aren’t perfect, and you mess up, or you just have a bad day/week once in a while, then you are perfect for me.

Slack is cut.

See you lates.

p.s. I am sitting at the “tech bar” at McDonalds (sound fancy?) doing items #1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 8 ALL AT ONCE. Medal! I need one.

p.p.s. Charlie’s preschool teacher just pulled up to McDonalds. But Charlie is in preschool right now. This is about to get awkward.


11. Apparently I am good at pretending not to see people so they can pretend not to see me too.



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Heidi October 15, 2013 at 6:09 pm

I totally go otherwheres than home to get work done, too. Why is that, I wonder?

Add “Good at stylishly stylin stuffs” to that list. And also “Good at explaining/teaching stuff,” too. And highly effective at communicating through facial expression.
Heidi recently posted..Stealth Heart TheftMy Profile


Angie October 17, 2013 at 9:40 pm

“good at stylishly stylin stuffs”… that’s a first and i’m taking that one to the bank!! too bad that “stylishly styled stuff” is dusty. (insert facial expression that can’t be turned into an emoticon. :-)


Mandy Hank October 16, 2013 at 12:01 am

Lol, too funny!! Thanks for this. It’s nice to know I can slack sometimes ;). Btw I am good at gaining weight too :)
Mandy Hank recently posted..Blog Love- Lolly JaneMy Profile


Angie October 17, 2013 at 9:39 pm

We have so much in common. :-)


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