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Still In It (with a happy face)

by Angie on October 23, 2013

Holy crappin’ Pete.

Yesterday I was very poo-pooey and forced myself to write a post even though I was in a bluey mood. I laid that out there for you guys and DANG, did you bring me right back up! I am honest-to-goodness (not even being trite) so grateful for those of you who commented on that post, emailed me, or texted me. I never knew you cared so much! I love your guts.


In fact, by the dinnertime last night, I was seeing the sunshine through the clouds and was sporting a happy face again.


Here is my happy face with my phone (horrible picture taken by sam’s old ipod!), because when my sister saw that I was having a hard day, she called right away, left a voicemail, left a text and just generally showed the sisterly love all the way from Alaska. Hi, Jess!

(Have I told you about my cool phone case/cover? I custom uploaded the picture to zazzle.com to make it. It’s called the “casemate vibe” and you NEED it on your iPhone, ok?)


Here is my happy face trying to get in the picture with my kids in the tree. If the kids are all in the tree, it CAN’T be a bad day! It’s a fact of life.


Here is my happy face showing you a sneak peek at tomorrow’s Life Hack: Batch Cook It, Gurl. Stay tuned.


Here is my (real) happy face appreciating you guys for talking me out of giving up on this “Life Hack for Mediocre Moms” series. Silly me. I thought maybe I would quit the series because I was too mediocre to write it. Maybe that’s the whole point. I am so dang real up in here that we can’t even pretend I’m actually improving myself this month. (Except I am… just slowly and imperfectly. And you guys are ok with that. And I am in love with that grace you give me!) >>This love-fest is making me vomitty. I’ll stop if you will.<<

I have one more happy thing to tell you about: Logan got stung on the shoulder by a bee on the way home from school yesterday! But that’s not the happy part…

bee sting essential oils


(This is Mr. Logan, who is 10, making the dumbest face he can pull for this picture.)

Yesterday he burst through the door after school wailing and crying about his bee sting.  I rushed downstairs to see that he had a little welt on his shoulder, no stinger, and the surrounding area was red and blotchy. Instead of rushing to the freezer for ice (which would have been my first response had I not had any essential oils on hand… and other than that, I would have had NO idea what to do for that sting—mud? Spit? That’s about all I would have known to try!)… anyway, I grabbed a good reference book for how to use essential oils and looked up “bite/sting” as fast as I could. He was screaming and kicking the cabinet in pain and tears were running down his face. I was like, “dude. chill. drama, much?” and tried to play it cool as I lost all knowledge of alphabetical order and still managed to look up “sting” in the book. That is surprisingly hard to do when someone is kicking the cabinet and screaming. Once I found the recommended protocol for bee stings I was glad to see that I had 3 of the 4 top-recommended oils. I grabbed my basil oil, purify oil blend, and lavender and put 1 drop of each on his sting. I carefully rubbed the oils around the sting and on the red, blotchy areas. Two minutes later he was sitting quietly on the couch. I was surprised! I asked, “Logan, are you, like– feeling fine now, or what?” He looked at me in equal surprise, “Yeah… I guess so, (Best Mom Ever)!” I asked if it hurt anymore and he said, “Just a little… I think.” Ten minutes later he was headed out to jump on the trampoline and I suggested we put another round of oils on the sting. He asked, “But why? It’s okay now!.” I shrugged my shoulders and just said, “Um? I don’t know? Prevention??” We laughed and put on those three oils again and off he went.

UNBELIEVABLE! But a true story. I actually feel really blessed to have experiences like that quite often now. I feel empowered and at peace as “Dr. Mom” in my own home. I trust these essential oils to help us with these occasional bumps, bruises, and snags and my kids trust me to help them when they are hurt/itchy/stressed/whatever! I don’t panic or feel helpless anymore. I don’t run off to the doctor’s office anymore at the drop of hat. I don’t pay co-pays or fill hardly any prescriptions anymore.  It’s a great feeling, because I have natural options that WORK right in my home.

And that’s the happy thing I wanted you to know. Because keeping these essential oils experiences to myself feels very selfish at this point. Email me if you want to learn more about them, get some free samples, or join me for a google hangout/webinar about how to replace your medicine cabinet with essential oils. I’m meeting 14 women via webinar next week! I guess I should figure out how to do a webinar before then? p.s. I hate the word “webinar”.

my email? emailinthethickofit@gmail.com

And thanks again for loving The Poser. See you tomorrow.

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becky October 23, 2013 at 10:55 pm

Angie, I am on the road AGAIN so I didn’t see yesterday’s post. I so much hope that things are better. You are always (almost) so positive and happy. You know that there are a LOT of people who look up to you. I think you are the BEST. Of course, I am prejudice, but we think you are great. Keep it up, you make a lot of people smile every day. Call me, k? Luv ya, mom and dad.


Heidi January 13, 2014 at 3:25 pm

Angie-Lou-Hoo! You’re a fantastic lady and mommy, and I hope things are good over there! Keep warm, bloggey-friend! I hope you haven’t died! Cheers :) :) :)


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