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2012.1 Mini-Goals Progress Report

by Angie on February 6, 2012

Friends, it’s a week into February and time to review the mini-goals that I set for myself a month ago. You may recall that instead of setting New Year’s Resolutions I decided to work in 2-month long intervals. I meant what I said, I really do want to improve on those portions of my life that we talked about, so instead of pretending like I never made goals, I’m gonna pull them out of my pocket and assess how I’ve done. I hope that you will do the same for your goals/resolutions/bittylutions!

Mini-Goals for January and February 2012:
1. “Get Up Early and Enjoy a Morning Routine”

Well, I am doing a half-good job of this one. I started attending a spin class with a couple good friends on Mondays and Fridays. (We need an entirely separate post about my buddy Miryam who as made me her little “project pal” by making me work out with her!) So, this means that on at least Mondays and Fridays I am up at 5:00 am and back home from an intense workout by 6:45. What a great way to start the day!
If I plan it out like I did today, I set my phone alarm for 5:00 a.m., but leave it down in the kitchen, which makes me drag my tired behind all the way downstairs to turn it off when it starts screaming at me. If I forgot to bring my workout clothes upstairs from the laundry mountain the night before, then I also find myself trekking down to the basement to get dressed at 5:02. This causes me to start a load of laundry (since I’m down there). It is cold in the basement/dungeon, so I get dressed quickly and then realize that I have an extra 10 minutes before Miryam picks me up—ta-da! I unload the dishwasher! (Why does this all sound a lot like the “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” books?!)
See? A morning routine. The trick for me will be to enact this kind of start on my off-spin days. I need to self-regulate those days and get up to exercise on my own or just begin my day right. I’m going to do better at this in February, k?

2. “Lose the Weight I Gained over the Holidays, Plus 2 More Pounds”

Remember that I gained 3.4 pounds on my Christmas vacation?  Well, I lost it! Yay! And then instead of losing an additional 2 pounds like I had hoped, I GAINED 2.2 over the last 2 weeks. {poo!}

Before we go on here, can I just say how grateful I am to be talking in amounts as small as 3.4 and 2.2? I feel very blessed and fortunate and DANG, I LOOK GOOD! In the past, I wouldn’t have even cared or noticed these small movements on the scale. At this point, I am simply trying to achieve the goal I set for myself when I started weight watchers so that I can “hit lifetime” (be a member, but not have to pay any more so long as I maintain my goal within 2 pounds) and feel like I achieved something! Sometimes I am tempted to just quit, because I really am happy for the most part with how I look. And I am beginning to see myself as more of an athlete than a dieter. The way I feel when I workout and the intensity and mileage that I can survive is more of a personal health indicator than what the scale says.

Nevertheless, I do have issues with food and treating myself right, so I am hanging in there. I want to master this mind over chocolate issue.

So? This month I want to do better at tracking what I eat and being accountable for every single thing I put in my mouth. I think that if I do that, I will lose maybe 3 pounds? Let’s try.

3. “Be Able to Run 5 Miles at an 8:30 min/mile Speed”

woman running abs

(this is a picture of me running)
Let’s see… On Saturday I ran a hilly 6.4 miles at a 9.07 minutes/mile pace. So… good on distance, good on pace (for me). I wonder if I could do the 5 miles at 8:30?? Whatever the case, I am feeling stronger and more capable in my running shoes. My back-up workout (when all else fails and it is 10:00 pm and I haven’t yet exercised today) is to run a 5k on the treadmill as fast as I can. That, these days, equals 26 minutes. Yay!
4. “Read my Scriptures Consistently”

Consistency is NOT my strong suit. I am so inconsistent that the very fact that you are reading this blog post should knock your socks off! (I am doing well at blogging consistently, aren’t I?)

But if I can blog consistently, then I CAN make time every day for scripture study- this must be true.

I still love, love this talk by Julie B. Beck on how to become a close-friend to the scriptures and be more consistent: April 2004 General Conference Address by Julie B. Beck “My Soul Delighteth in the Scriptures. In it she says to just BE IN THE SCRIPTURES EVERY DAY. Whether it is 30 minutes or 30 seconds, just do it!

My goal for February is to be in the scriptures at least once every single day.

5. “Finish Remodeling the Stairs and Painting the Upstairs Hallway”

We are making progress here! The stairs got sanded and the nail holes got filled. The treads have been stained, distressed a bit, and sealed with a polyurethane coat. This was all done by January 20th, when my sister and her family arrived. Now that they are gone and we have recovered from company, I will get back on this!

stairs feb 6
Next step: Taping off the treads in order to caulk some of the little gaps between the treads and risers. Then I will prime and paint the risers and sides. We will need a couple coats of protective poly. Once that is complete, we will finish off with a last coat of wall paint in the stairway and hallway! (This is a lot of work—ugh!)

Our next set of mini-goals will include the banister and balustrade.

6. “Lastly, I will paint the Guest Bedroom and Build a Headboard for the New, Awesome, Clean, Pillow-top Mattress that I Scored for $50”

barn wood headboard with yellow lamp
DONE! BOOM! Not only did I finish the guest room, but the head board turned out awesome and has taken Pinterest by fire! The Nester featured the head board and my blog traffic graph made a new Mount Everest! That was fun.

blog stats weeeee

Anyway, I am making progress! What’s funny is that there are many things that I am working on which AREN’T on the mini-goals list. Like- the acquisition of our new dishwasher. BEHOLD:
dishwasher and bar stools
Also, THOSE DANG BARSTOOLS HAVE TO BE COMPLETED THIS WEEK!!!! This is just getting ridiculous.

Don’t forget, I’ve had a couple lessons to prepare for church, which takes a lot of time. My point is: Carry On! We’re doing great, we are women, hear us ROAR, etc, etc, etc.

My life is good,
I am blessed,
I love you all,
But it’s time to get dressed.

That was a poem.


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Miss Frazzled February 6, 2012 at 1:43 pm

That is the craziest proposal I have EVER. SEEN.


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