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Barn Wood Head Board with Built-in Lamp

by Angie on January 20, 2012

My parents are here visiting for a couple of days. THEY HAVE ARRIVED. My sister and her family will arrive tonight and stay 10 days. THEY WILL ARRIVE.
But more importantly, above all else, I realized this morning that WE HAVE ARRIVED. We are official. We are the real deal. Perhaps… I could even say that we have grown up!
Why? How? Because we have an actual guest bedroom with real guest bed. Not only that, but somehow we have 3 vehicles. So, technically, WE HAVE A GUEST CAR TOO!
I don’t really know why it took us so long to get to this point of maturity. Oh, wait, yes I do! Because for the first 10 years of our marriage we were poor students with a growing family and moved 14 times. Seriously!
Anyhow, I had lots of fun snazzing up the guest room for our visitors. (Mostly I just painted the walls and made this lighted head board). Here are the inspiration photos that I used to create my plan:
headboard marriage[3]
These bed images are from here and here.
I toyed with painting the wood and then chipping/sanding it off like in the first photo, but I decided that the wood was beautiful and aged and gray enough as it. (Ok, really, I was just scared to mess it up and hate it!)
Shall we just use pictures to describe the rest? Yes:
I should have installed it behind the boards and cut a hole similar to the outlet hole…
but I didn’t. This is all hidden by the mattress anyway.
And that is how I did it! If you buy me some Diet Coke and make me laugh (and let me sleep in your guest room) I’ll come over and help you build one too!
Price Breakdown:
11 pieces of old wood from Habitat for Humanity ReStore: $22
Lamp on clearance rack at Lowe’s or HD: $10
Lamp Cord Kit: $6
Dimma Switch from Ikea: $8
Box of Screws: $10
And remember? I got the bed for only $50! Suh-weet!
If you have any questions, ask me in the comments.

Barn Wood Head Board with Built-in Lamp

New here? See how I hid our flatscreen’s cords INSIDE some fancy trim work here:

And my kids’ room’s make-overs here:

(Sam’s Turquoise Room)

And here:

(Holly and Logan’s Room)

These days I am working on staining and painting our stairs. But I am REALLY good at distracting myself with silly craft projects instead of finishing!

valentine garlands

Stay tuned for the stair project reveal soon!

{smooches!} -Angie

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