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The People in my Neighborhood

by Angie on March 30, 2010

It was one year ago this week that The Manchild and I moved our little family into this house… our very first home purchase.

Remember back in 2001-2006 when all of my BFFs were buying homes and then selling them the next day (practically) for twice what they bought for? Remember how I was crying the whole time ’cause we were missing out on the action and never quite ready to make that big purchase? Us being transitory graduate students and all?

Well POP! goes the market and suddenly we are SOOOO glad that we didn’t buy when we wanted to.

And “Yehaaaaw” goes the Angie when she buys her first house and gets a steal in 2009!

And here we are… having lived in said “steal-of-a-house” for a whole year and it is freaking me out a little bit.

Like— we aren’t planning to move anytime soon. Is this what it feels like to be settled? To be IN a neighborhood?

Let me give y’all a little background on my life since I hitched onto the ride called “The Manchild”:

We are now living in our 14th home.
4 states.
4 kids.
4 degrees (me 1, him 3).
We’ve been married 9 years.
We’ve owned probably twice that many vehicles.
Longest span in one home: 16 months.
Shortest: 5 days. Twice.

What has been constant here is CHANGE. We wouldn’t want things to get too boring now, would we?

But guess what? I LOVE this! It’s weirdly awesome to see the spring return TO THE SAME HOUSE we lived in last spring! Here! At this house! weird.

Know what else I love? Making friends and keeping them. Weird.

I actually feel like I belong to this neighborhood. Like I might get to stay neighbors with these people for A WHILE. Like it’s worth getting to know people by name, ’cause they are going to be in my life for A WHILE.

So, since I realized that The Manchild isn’t going to rip us out of this house and move us suddenly to another neighborhood, state, or country soon (I hope) I’ve decided to start TALKING to people.

Lots of people. People that I see A LOT but never in the past would have conscientiously gotten to know.

Like, Nana who works at my favorite place on earth: McDonalds.

I don’t know hardly anything about Nana (although I would like to) except that he has a deep, smooth voice (I know it’s him working the drive-through window when I pull up and he says, “Welcome to McDonalds, would you like to try a blah blah blah?” And I say, “Hi, Nana! It’s me Angie. I’ll take The Usual!” (well, not exactly, but that’s I want to say…) The Usual = large Diet Coke and an Oatmeal. The Usual = Heaven in a minivan.

Here is me upon receiving the The Usual. This obsession requires an entirely separate blog post.

Must. Do. It. Justice.

Here is Holly awaiting her Usual. She’s so cutey.

Nana has a great smile and he’s my friend. When I go to McDonalds and he ISN’T there in the drivethrough, it totally bites! It’s like I get gyped! The experience isn’t the same. I go to McDonalds for The Usual almost EVERYDAY. Every. Day.

And that reality is a little bit embarrassing.

Here’s the part where you get to meet Antwon. Except I am not sure that’s how he spells it. Or that that’s exactly what his name is. But that’s what my memory is telling me.

He works the counter at $1.99 Dry Cleaners. I see him once or twice a week because I am too lazy too busy to iron The Manchild’s dress shirts. And The Manchild is too lazy too busy not very attractive in wrinkled shirts.

Antwon is so nice. And smiley. And he just got a haircut, so that’s cool. A hat can actually fit on his head now. He says it could fit before he got the haircut, but I’ve never seen him in a hat before, so I don’t believe him.

We fight like that.

And, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Ivy? She works for our optometrist. She is soooo nice and she thinks that The Manchild is funny. So do I. She and I both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, trying to muffle our giggles when The Manchild tried to decide on his latest pair of glasses. He was going for cool. And stylin’. And he almost bought a women’s pair of glasses with that effort. Ivy saved the day and steered him toward these beauts.

And when school was canceled FOREVA this past winter due to snow, I had to bring my 4 kids to my eye appointment (blogging has been a KILLER on my eyes!). She worked her magic and put fussy baby boy to sleep all while answering calls and keeping an eye on my little monkeys while I was in the eye exam. She’s cool like that. She thinks I am crazy to have so many kids, but she is still nice to me. Makes me want to get another new pair of glasses just to hang out with her again!

And those 3 people… so far… are 3 big reasons why I am glad to be living here. And glad that we aren’t planning a move in the near future. And glad to have friendly faces to see and chat with when I am running around, doin’ my business in my neighborhood.

Next time I do a People In My Neighborhood post you’ll HAVE to meet. Arlyn. And Kelli. And…a few more people that I am trying to get the guts to take a picture of.

PS. People think you are weird when you ask them if you can take their picture for your website.

PPS. But if they know you well enough already, the “weird” part just blends with their established opinion.

2 Questions that MUST be answered in the comments:
1. Who are the people in YOUR neighborhood that you have become a part of your life?
2. Have you tried McDonald’s Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal?
3. If not… are you ok? You’re gonna be fine honey. Just make sure to get there tomorrow. You’ll see… you’ll see. Heaven.

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LoveFeast Table March 30, 2010 at 5:43 pm

1. Ms. Betty the cat lady who has 9 plus cats and a cat graveyard in her back yard. She keeps me up to date on any trash pick up changes.
The dirty old men club…honestly sure they are pimping out girls. They drive mini vans and look like grandpas.
The ladybugs that walk my street…girls that work for said grandpops.
yeah…that's a glimpse into my hood.
2. no. I like Bob's Redmill steel cut oats with pecans, no sugar, blueberries and cinnamon and black coffee.
3. I am fine…can't wait to see what you cook up tomorrow!


starleighswiser March 30, 2010 at 7:10 pm

1. No peeps in my hood. We're not laying down roots so I'm not branching out…yet.
2. Oatmeal? Yuck.
3. Yes, I'm fine. I just HATE breakfast! Have you tried the Big Mac? Or the Big N Tasty?? Yum!


Mills Family March 30, 2010 at 9:25 pm

I have wonderful neighbors too! Won't you please…please won't you be my neighbor? Can McDonalds supersize the oatmeal?


Rob and Jewls March 30, 2010 at 9:42 pm

So, I have to tell you…it is my reality too. It is my addiction…McDonalds, that is. I don't get the healthier options so for that you get props. I go through phases that last months…right now it is the bagel sandwich combo for breakfast and of course a COKE! This, An, is why we are friends! Love it!


Danielle March 31, 2010 at 7:08 am

Honestly with this?! Love it! You are the most hysterical blogger I know and now…love! xoxo


Christan March 31, 2010 at 5:37 pm

Did you seriously take pics of the McDonald's employees? Hilarious!! I'm sure they love seeing your face as much as you love theirs!

I don't dare try the oatmeal for fear that I, too, might start to know Nana and Antwon on a first name basis. My man might start to get suspicious…

Love your blog, I'll TOTALLY follow you! :O)


Annie April 3, 2010 at 1:07 am

Amazing post! Just adored it!
People in My neighborhood? hmmmm…..my Children's Pastor since she spends so much time with my daughter at churh.

The manager at my grocery store that has a german accent and just adores my children. I grocery shop once a week so we see her every time.

My best friend and (pay attention now) my brother in law's wife's sister. Her kids are cousins to Brian's (BIL) kids and Brian's kids are cousins to MY kids but Tasha's kids and my kids are not actually cousins? whatever. we are all family and call eachother cousin, aunt uncle….whatever LOL

My DH eats breakfast once a week with other men in his church and they see the same waitress each time.

Oh, and I didn't know McD had oatmeal! WOW!

Have a happy easter!


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